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Residents pay a non-refundable entry fee of $1095 which covers their first two weeks rent, intake fee, and program materials and $205 weekly prorated beginning on the 2nd Friday of residency. Rent includes housing, food, sober support and access to counseling.

Wild Path

Length of Stay

Our recommended length of stay is 12 months minimum and 24 months maximum. Some individual recovery plans may be completed in a shorter period of time.

Boat on Lake


It's not uncommon for persons with substance use disorders to have legal issues. We will work with courts, attorneys, and probation to support entry into our program and ensure compliance throughout residency.


What to Bring

* Valid Picture ID and Social Security Card (Mandatory for Job Search)
* One suitcase of clothing that is weather appropriate which includes comfortable t-shirts (no alcohol/drug references please)
* Clothes for a week: work clothes, shorts, underwear, socks, dress shirts, dress pants, necktie, tennis shoes, dress shoes, and flip flops
* Alarm clock (battery operated)
* Watch
* Laundry Basket
* Toiletries that do NOT have alcohol in them (no cologne)

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